The art of distillation

Home grown distillate – we distil for you

The most important base for producing a good fine-grain distillate is the quality and consistency of the raw material.

We grow our own wheat to ensure the best raw material quality each year. This is how we can influence the variety and fertilisation. Of course we also apply the most modern of technologies and tried and tested principles for crop rotation. The blue-yellow EU Quality seal for »protected geographic indication (PGI)«, for instance, on the Haselünne Korn confirms that not only bottling and distillation but also cultivation of the raw material takes place here with us in Haselünne.

Made by professionals who are truly passionate about their craft.

We achieve the high quality of our »Rosche Fine Distillates« by constructing our own distillation equipment and sticking to tried and tested distillation processes as well as by having a »good nose« for our products and a sophisticated sense of taste.

We only use the core element of each distillation process to produce our spirits. Therefore our Korn is characterised by an especially mild flavour and the excellent bouquet of wheat. A maturing process in stainless steel or stoneware vessels rounds off the flavour. Maturing in wooden barrels, previously filled with wine or brandies, produces interesting and unique fine spirits based on Korn after several years of storage.

No additional purchase of industrially produced Korn alcohols

Only a few Korn spirit producers in Germany still have a functioning distillery for making their own raw and fine distillates. There is great emphasis on buying additional grain alcohol from a few large suppliers. Hardly anyone exclusively produces – like us – spirit beverages from their own self-distilled fine grain distillate. This guarantees that we have a special status for Korn in the market. We produce three of the five geographically protected brand names in Germany:
Haselünner Korn, Hasetaler Korn and Emsländer Edelkorn.

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