Korn specialties

Pure enjoyment, clear and authentic. Discover our incomparable selection of Korn specialties and enjoy the natural taste.

Haselünner Korn

32 % vol.

Hasetaler Korn

35 % vol.

Uralter (vintage grain)

38 % vol.

Our fine »Emsländer Edel-Spirituose«, the best from the heart of the distilling process: with EU quality seal for guaranteed origin.

Aromatic Korn taste, with a traditional yellowish colour due to traces of added caramelised sugar (syrup). This assures us and you of the authenticity of our fine Edelkorn.

de la Roche

40 % vol.

Fine Korn brandy for perfect Korn delight with own grown wheat, carefully distilled in our copper distillery and stored in stoneware – therefore especially fine and aromatic.

Bottled in our special bottle and sealed by hand.

Rosche Schützen Korn®
(Hunter’s Korn)

32 % vol.

Made by professionals who are truly passionate about their craft.

Pure products

Regional production from our own wheat

Proven quality for over 230 years

Sustainable & resource-conserving value creation

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