Our 1st Korn Queen of Germany

Jana is Germany’s new 1st Korn Queen

The highlight of the 23rd Grain Experience Day at the Edelkorn distillery Jos. Rosche was the crowning of the new “1st Grain Queen of Germany”. The office was invented by Josef Rosche in 2000. Since then, only three young women from Haselünne, Haren-Ems and Hümmling have held this office. The Queen’s task is to make the centuries-old cultural asset “Haselünner Korn” and fine grain in general better known regionally, nationally and internationally and to promote the region.

She is ambassador for grain qualities from family businesses such as Rosche in Haselünne, where all the work involved is carried out exclusively by the company itself, from growing its own grain to traditional distilling processes, bottling and distribution.

From 2015 to 2023, Johanna (Lübbers) from Börger represented the Rosche distillery and the Bund deutscher Edelkorn-Brenner (BdEB). She is now succeeded by Jana (Harting) from the municipality of Viskek, district of Norddöllen, north of Vechta. The 25-year-old insurance saleswoman successfully completed her dual studies as an administrative specialist and works at the Lower Saxony Chamber of Agriculture in Oldenburg.

According to Josef Rosche, after the application phase in May, further introductory talks were held with four first-class candidates. The festive assembly in the courtyard of the grain distillery on Haselünne’s market square followed the proposal of the reigning grain queen Johanna and unanimously elected her successor by “Hammelsprung” (english: “mutton jump” means a democratic decision by all participants, that show their support of specific candidate by coming to the stage in person).

Mayor Werner Schräer had previously welcomed the guests on behalf of the grain and Hanseatic town of Haselünne. The 1st Deputy District Administrator of the Emsland district, Dr. Hubert Kruse, paid tribute to Johanna’s great personal commitment over the past eight years of government in the region, but also in Berlin, Brussels and even Rome.

After receiving great praise and thanks from Susanne and Josef Rosche for the entire Rosche team, the visibly moved former incumbent Johanna also thanked them for the many encounters that had been made possible for her. Johann Wimberg, President of the Oldenburger Münsterland Association and District Administrator of the Cloppenburg district, was particularly pleased to be able to enthrone one of his daughters with a sash and crown made of ears of grain.

At the invitation of the mayor of Vechta, the new corn queen Jana was the guest of honor at the town’s reception during the 725th Stoppelmarkt.

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