Our family business

We live in the oldest and one of the most beautiful towns in the Emsland. Haselünne had its city rights confirmed as far back as 1272 by the bishop of Münster. The town lies in a pretty meadow and river valley and is a former Hanseatic City. The biannual »18th Korn and Hanseatic Market« takes place on the second weekend of September 2016 and bears witness to the old tradition.

The first bearer of our family name Rosche were Josef and Henrik Tobias in the early 18th century. His name was derived from »Reusch«, changed to »Roesche« and today’s »Rosche«. The family Reusch of Strohe was an old family of knights from Vechta with estates in Lingen and Haselünne. 

Henrik Tobias probably was a descendant of one of the family branches. As farmer and merchant he continued his parents’ mercantile trade in agricultural goods. His grandson, Henricus Anton, also became a tobacco merchant. In 1865, his son »Jos. Rosche« registered the grain distillery, which had been founded in 1792, commercially under his own name. We are fortunate that, together with our employees, we have been able to continue to run the company and oldest grain distillery in Haselünne as a family owned business up to today.

– Discover Rosche –

Visit us and discover the secrets of Haselünne’s oldest grain distillery.

Made by professionals who are truly passionate about their craft.

Pure products

Regional production from our own wheat

Proven quality for over 230 years

Sustainable & resource-conserving value creation

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